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still can't figure out what's wrong

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  • still can't figure out what's wrong

    This is really getting to be a hassle, I'll go over this again some of you may already know my problem so the truck I have a little power off the line but once you hit 20 or 30 you could fly in it and it was good, that is until the fuel pump went out. I did the tank mods& after blowing fuses I found a wire that was grounding out.
    Fixed that and it still had low power but it also had white smoke coming from the exhaust I noticed this right before the pump went out. I changed the CPS 3 times. I took it to a shop as it would start an idle without a issue. They tell me # 1,3&7 failed on the buzz test &failed the continuity test as well as a bad glow plug on each side.They said the uvch on pass side was almost unplugged & when they went to plug it back in it broke a part .So I figured before I'd buy injectors I'd throw on the new uvch on both sides & new glow plugs . Since doing so it will not start @ all it will try to start but don't. You get like a fuel knock . I Can crank&crank it almost started but got to shaking real bad.Also it passes the buzz test.
    Why would it not start now @ all since the new uvch&why would it pass the buzz test now but failed before? No codes but ebps.Good oil pressure, I have a buddy comjng by tomorrow to do a pin out test? Check the voltage@the idm&ohm out the injectors.I have to get it going snow is already here.So how do I tell if the uvch is bad..the new ones also what all do I look for while were in there.I have the link to this test...
    GB Remanufacturing - Tech Bulletin #103
    So any suggestions? There was no blow by before btw, any advice will be greatly appreciated