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CLF: 06 Front axle

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    RE: CLF: 06 Front axle

    Originally posted by Late_99_PSD View Post
    They make progressive rate leaves, just like they make progressive rate coils. Like I say, you CAN make a leaf spring setup ride just a nice, or nicer then a coil setup, if its tuned right (compared to a coil setup thats not setup right.)
    yes, but when it comes to ride quality, you are, production vs production, going to get better ride with coils. Its not a matter of if it can be done, it is weather it is done. There is a reason no modern pickups have leafs up front. Coils can produce a better ride quality more easily and give better turning which will ALWAYS be a detriment of leafs. And idk about you, but ill take as tight of turning as I can get.
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      Originally posted by saltlake3fitty View Post
      i cant believe this is even an argument, leaf springs dont ride near as nice as coils. hands down.
      Exactly. That's why everything is switching over to them.

      Originally posted by Late_99_PSD View Post
      Umm, Dodge 1500's have coil's on all 4 corners.

      Yes they do. I was shocked when I had to do an oil change on one.
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