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Need Help! 6.0 wont crank or start.

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  • Need Help! 6.0 wont crank or start.

    OK here is my story/situation. I have a 2006 F350 6.0 Lariat FX4 LWB. I have been having issues with my truck overheating, I know the issue and how to fix it. It is a bad fan clutch, been through it once before this past May I just have not had the time to change it out. So I got home and did not want to turn it off for a separate issue where if I turn it off once I have ran it the truck will not turn back on without jumping it.

    Ok so I got home and for some unknown reason I decided to check the connector for the fan clutch. When I grabbed the connector the wire got eaten up by the fan, it ran for about 30 seconds and then shut off. When I attempted to turn it on the wrench came on the dash and the millage then showed all dashes, when I attempted to start it all went black and nothing happened no crank or even clicking. Not having the time to further mess with the truck I left to work. I got home and was forced to do the fan clutch swap. Once I completed the clutch replacement I attempted to turn it on and it was the same situation as earlier.

    So I connected the OBD2 and it would not connect saying connection error. I then searched google and multiple forums for similar issues. I checked everything stated in all the post I found. I checked every single fuse by pulling it out and doing a visual as well as a DVM continuity check, even a voltage check and all where good. I checked all of the relays by pulling them out and connecting 85 to positive 87 to ground, 30 and 86 to the DVM to check ohms and all where good. After hours of searching I found all of the fusible links on both batteries and all checked out with 12 volts after the fusible link there was two on the driverís side and five on the passenger side. I disconnected the yellow starter wire to the positive of the battery and the engine cranked with the key on the run position and off position. And for good measure I even checked the inertia switch and still no luck. I have run out of ideas and I am not seeing anything else online to check for.

    I really would like to figure this out on my own without having to take it to a mechanic. Does anyone have any other ideas or advise?
    Thanks in advance.

    I am going to post this on multiple forums to try and maximize my possibilities for help or a resolution.

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    Almost sounds like an electrical ground problem. Since you're being quite thorough anyway, maybe check battery ground cables/connections and chassis/engine-block grounds. Remember seeing 12V is not indicative of current flow.


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      Check fuse 22 in the fuse box under the dash. More than likely it's popped. You probably shorted the power and ground together when the fan ate the harness.
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        Originally posted by forddieseldoctor View Post
        Check fuse 22 in the fuse box under the dash. More than likely it's popped. You probably shorted the power and ground together when the fan ate the harness.
        Well I figured out the issue. I thought I had checked all the fuses but I missed fuse #22. That fixed all my headaches for now.

        Thanks Ford Diesel Doctor you are awesome.